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Cut Dev Time in Half

Zero-setup environment, visual UI Editor with IDE and dev tools save you hours of coding and maintenance time.



Wix Cloud hosting is fully maintained and monitored.


The ready-to-go environment allows you to deploy in one click and scale seamlessly.

Enterprise-grade security

Fully managed, layered framework for prevention, detection & response.

Relentless reliability

Ultra resilient, multi-cloud hosting with 99.99% uptime SLA.

Performance-first mindset

Designed for fast page load speeds regardless of location, network, or device.


Safeguards for business integrity and client information built into every site.

Mobile web app by default

Mobile version is automatically created for every screen. 

Visual editor for mobile allows to change design, scale and hide content.

Mobile web app can be added to any phone home screen.

Apps can access camera and bring excellent user experience.

Web Design

Agile functional requirements

Project starts from functioning user interface development.

Visual drag and drop Editor empowers to use it as functional requirements basis.

During design phase User interface is permanently validated with real users.

Utilisation of 3rd party services

Emails, SMS messages, data collection, payment management and more.

Internal or partner system integration

ERP, CRM, reporting system - depending on business needs and environment.

Expose app functionality as API

Embed your services into partner business processes.

Power native apps

Node.js Server can serve as native apps backend by exposing needed API endpoints.

Velo API

Recent Projects

iDeal dealer portal

Customer - Orion Leasing

co2mute - climate change initiative

Customer - manufacturing company

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